seminar series "How do I lead my housekeepers successfully?"

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Leading people is a demanding task. There are severe mistakes which can happen when a leader does not know how to act properly. Nevertheless, one can learn leading. This seminar series points out how to communicate successfully with employees, how to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts and how to motivate yourself and your employees.


This seminar series shows how to promote cooperation in a team, how conflicts can be prevented and how to create a pleasant working atmosphere. The outcome is that employees learn how to work with pleasure for the company and how to fulfill the requirements properly. At the same time you manage to reduce executive functions and experience how fun leading can be.

group of participants

This seminar series is directed to people who at work have to lead a team or employees, especially in a household.


part 1 - my role as an employer

  • How do I manage a household and how I lead the staff?

  • Which styles of leadership exist, what fits my personality best?

  • What does strategical guidance of employees mean?

  • What does delegating depend on?

part 2 - to motivate oneself and others

  • To prevent demotivation

  • How do I motivate myself?

  • To describe an attractive future

  • What motivates my employees?

part 3 - communication: a success factor

  • What successful communication is about

  • How misunderstandings develop

  • Traps in communication

  • Structured feedback conversations

part 4 - team building and team development

  • When does a team work?

  • Which traps can occur for an executive?

  • Which rules do we follow when we communicate? 

  • What is my function when conflicts occur?


continuously modified


EUR 210,– (incl. 20% VAT) per part with a single reservation, 
EUR 800,– (incl. 20% VAT) with a total reservation


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