Online-Academy "Exclusive householdmanagement"

To whom is the academy directed to?

The existing lack of qualified household staff, of butlers and housemanagers led to the online-academy and is directed to: 

  • people who already work in private households 

  • people who would like to start a career as a housekeeper/butler/housemanager

  • all individuals who are interested in private households and eager to learn something about exclusive household guidance.

academy objective

The academy teaches how to run a household properly. Besides, you learn what exactly is needed in a big household: Knowledge about how to treat exclusive materials as well as about economic housekeeping. With this trained knowledge our candidates achieve security in an exclusive household.


  1. The academy provides its candidates with basic knowledge about the organization of big households. One gets to know the occupational profile of a housekeeper or butler.

  2. One acquires comprehensive knowledge about manners in this job field and learns about tips and tricks how to behave confidently.

  3. It provides the candidates with knowledge about cleaning and high-quality material care as well as  about cleansing possibilities. Hygiene is also on the list.

  4. One acquires comprehensive knowledge about laundry and closet care, about ironing, about how to treat different materials and how to remove spots properly.

  5. The academy shows with edge technologies how to organize oneself in the  kitchen - food purchase and food hygiene and breakfast kitchen.


The course is directed to people from any profession and age group who would like to gain knowledge about the subject, whether professionally or just for fun.

No other conditions are required for a successful participation in this course.

duration and extent

The course lasts one week with a daily learning and practise time of approx. two hours. The study duration can shorten if the candidate has more time available per day.

The teaching material consists of five modules and 100 pages (DIN A4).

Every module can be concluded by a test. The module "household organization" can only be concluded, by an additional writing task. Its solutions have to be uploaded for correction.


If you have managed to pass the test of the last module and have reached a total of 75%, you receive a certificate which serves as an achievement and advanced training proof.

The certificate proves the achieved knowledge and the ability to work independently in an exclusive household.

What candidates say about the online-academy... 


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